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Photo Credit: marfis75 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: marfis75 via Compfight cc

I enjoyed our coffee so much last week I thought we’d do it again.

That and I’m still having trouble committing to this post I know I need to write. So as with last week, this week’s post is brought to you by reason number three: Procrastinating writing the post I really want to write but am too chicken.

A Girl and A Gun

You probably saw the news about the nine-year-old girl who fatally shot a gun instructor. I know Arizona doesn’t have age restrictions on who can shoot a gun. I know it was the parents’ decision to allow their daughter to shoot an automatic weapon. And I know she had hands to hold the gun (except when it was on the automatic setting) and fingers to pull the trigger.

But just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

I totally support our second amendment rights. I’m for reasonable gun control, but I would stand up with the rest of you if anyone tried to take people’s guns away.

And I still have to ask, what the hell were her parents thinking? I ask this seriously because (1) I haven’t heard/read anything about what made them think this was an acceptable idea and (2) even if I had, I can’t imagine anything they could say that would make me go, “Oh yeah, that makes complete sense.”

Do you know? Do you understand why? If you do, please enlighten me because I’m having a hard time with this. I want to understand, really I do. But I don’t know how to start doing that.

I could get my head around their desire to teach their daughter to fire a shotgun or rifle for hunting, especially if that was part of their family life. Or you might even be able to convince me that her parents wanted to get a jump on teaching her self-defense.

Instead, I’m left wondering: Were her parents terrified that someone was going to take their guns away (even though there’s that second amendment) and, by gawd, they were not going to let that happen so they took their child to a gun range and let her shoot an Uzi?

An Uzi? Really? In what world do those two things—a nine-year old and an Uzi—go together?

I’m struggling here, and I’m not the only one. Help me, please.

On Thursday, I had to be a grownup, and I’m friggin exhausted.

I work from home in my day-job almost exclusively. This week I went into the office for one day, and by 6:00 p.m. I could have fallen asleep. I did nod off while watching Riddick with my husband, but maybe that says more about the movie than my fatigue.

When I’m in the office, I’m just “on” in a way I’m not when I’m at home. I talk more (and faster for some reason), I move more, I smile more. All of that sounds pleasant, but it drains me. I seriously don’t know if I could work in a job where I had to be in an office every day.

It was also a hard week because my team moved to a new area of Human Resources under a new leader. I’m sure she’s going to be great—I’m not worried about that. But I’m sure going to miss my prior leader.

She’s one of those bosses who gives you just what you need when you need it. She did a seamless job of moving between “friend” and “boss.” She’d give me a good kick in the ass and then she’d dust off her footprint.

She taught me more in the seven years I’ve worked with her than all of my prior thirteen bosses combined. Like the following:

It’s OK to say you don’t know.

Sometimes people are assholes and you can’t do anything about it.

Most of the time things don’t make sense but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep moving forward.

And she surprised me. When she interviewed me, I thought she was kind of uptight and wouldn’t have the first idea about how to have fun. But that woman has made me laugh more times than I ever imagined she would.

One of the best moments was when I walked into her office to ask her a question. When she turned around, she was wearing these huge googly-eyed glasses. With a completely straight face, she said, “Do you like my new glasses?” I’m sure I peed my pants a little I laughed so hard.

Don’t get me wrong. She’s an ankle biter when she needs to be. That woman gets an idea in her head and she will not let go. And although I’ll always remember her for her humor and tenacity, what will stick with me is the way she walks. She’s a little thing, but her footfalls are so heavy and fast she sounds like a giant with his ass on fire. I know it’s her before I ever see her.

Michelle, I’m going to miss the pitter patter of your anvil-like feet (among other things).

I’ve decided that “If you can’t beat them, join them” applies to fruit flies.

There have been so many of them in our apartment, I completely relate to Kate Hall’s recent blog post, “When the Fruit Fly Population is So High You Fear Being Carried Off in the Middle of the Night.” 

When I got home from work on Thursday after being a grownup all day, I grabbed the half glass of wine in the fridge, readying my gullet for the cool, soothing nectar. My daughter said, “You’re going to drink that with the fruit fly in it?”

I looked at the glass, mentally calculated the wine-to-fruit-fly ratio…and chugged that bitch down.

And then I spent the rest of the night sounding like a cat horking up a hairball. It reminded me of the time I drank a cup of coffee from the local coffee shop (not my beloved Zanzibar’s) and pulled a four-foot hair from my mouth that had snaked its way about three feet down my throat.

But that’s for another blog post.

So what about you?
Howโ€™s your week been?
What would you tell me over coffee?

10 thoughts on “Over Coffee

  1. After a week like that, well, I really have nothing to clever to add.

    Although my four day writers weekend alone at the cottage is not going all that smoothly either. Day two and it’s STILL raining.

    Have a wonderful weekend Kelly!


  2. Sorry I’m late to coffee! *swings into seat hair flying awry*… I’m about to embark on my last 4 flights to get back to NZ from Koh Samui via Bangkok, Singapore & Sydney… I’ve watched so much more news while being home – more TVs everywhere, and find the senseless painful things that have happened the month just gone just too sad to bear. I’ve not been looking forward to going back since 3 days ago when my partner-in-crime broke up with me in Bangkok – I’m having a really hard time and probably going to weep all the way home and then more when I get there. I was going to find us somewhere to live when I got there and now I don’t know if I’ll even stay in town. My boss is great – based in Oz but has covered me over this month away, and I felt beyond ungrateful to be messaging him a headsup that I have to hand in my notice, because I run the office & when if I need to leave town I want to be able to run. The boyfriend (I can’t say ex yet) is staying out in Asia another 5 weeks then coming bk, when we’ll deal with the stuff. Need to get more wheels because I wrote off the last before I flew home. AGH. Can you tell I feel sorry for myself?! There’s now too much salt in my coffee… No fruit flies bt mosquitos have annihilated me over here ๐Ÿ™
    saralitchfield recently posted…Five Things You Learn When You Could Have DiedMy Profile

    1. Oh geez Sara, that is just horrible! I’m so sorry you had to experience that, at all, but especially while you were away from home. What a douchenozzle.

      The five weeks you have now before said douchenozzle gets back from Asia will be the time you need to get out most of the heavy, ugly crying that deluges you after those first raw days and weeks. Not that there won’t be more to come, but you will have at least lanced that boil…then the real healing can start.

      I wish I could give you a big hug…that’s what I’d do if we were actually having coffee, damn distance! I will save the platitudes until you start reciting them to yourself. Before that and coming from someone else, they pretty much suck.

      Thinking of you. Take care of yourself!

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