Time For Little Hyenas, I Mean Hiatus

Photo Credit: BKbral via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: BKbral via Compfight cc

It’s time for another blogging break. This will be my last post until December and you know what that means: I won’t be blogging again until December.

The wild call of fiction-writing known as NaNoWriMo is yapping in my ears—not unlike those adorable little dudes up top. Why do they have to turn out to be such assholes? The hyenas, I mean. Not my writing. Although it can be kind of offensive sometimes (see below).

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Non-Advice For My Daughter


I’ve seen a bunch of blog posts and articles over the past few months from parents giving advice to their children of various ages. The posts are usually insightful, witty and full of lots of good bits of “do as I say, not as I do—or did.” In other words, they’re well-meaning…and flavored with a pinch of futility.

Why futility? Because the authors seem to remember that when they were younger, they too had been on the receiving end of similar “I know better than you” platitudes.

And they didn’t listen to a word of them.

So, my darling daughter, instead of dropping my gunny sack of guidance at your feet, I want to explain why I’m going to pass on this particular parental obligation.

Advice, as you know, is “guidance or recommendations concerning prudent future action, typically given by someone regarded as knowledgeable or authoritative,” according to the dictionary definition.

In other words, advice is lessons older people share with you (after learning them on their own the hard way) because they don’t want you to make the same mistakes they did. Remember all the great advice you got in your Coming of Age program at our church? Yeah, that. That’s what I’m talking about.

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Over Coffee

Photo Credit: marfis75 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: marfis75 via Compfight cc

 Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit. – Aristotle

Hey! How’ve you been? I got busy last week and we didn’t get to talk, but here we are now over coffee so let’s get to it.

I’ll admit right out of the gate that this might be a little weird because I should be asking about you and certainly not spending all my time talking about another friend. Kind of rude, I know. But I just have to. Not that there’s anything wrong with you…there’s not!

I promise, we’ll get back to you soon.

So, I have this friend who I met on Facebook. I know. Some people think the ones you meet on FB are nothing resembling “real” friends. I agree on some level. I’m not interested in taking all my FB friendships to the offline world, but that’s OK—and I think many of my FB friends would say the same. No offense, taken or intended. We’re all adults here.

But occasionally you’ll happen upon an avatar or picture or some words in a post that flip your familiarity switch. You know the one, right? The one that gives you that “seems like I’ve known you forever” feeling. That feeling of crawling into your bed after you’ve been away for a long time—diving into your worn sheets and rolling around on the mattress divots that cup all your body bumps.

Yeah, that kind of feeling.

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Run From The Gun

Photo Credit: Dunechaser via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Dunechaser via Compfight cc

When we had our daughter thirteen years ago, the topmost worry on our minds was how to get through the day without collapsing from exhaustion. After that, it was teaching her to do her business in the toilet and to walk across the room without falling down.

The “teaching” moments we have with her now, thirteen years later, are oddly still about the proper ways to act as an adult and how to stay safe.

Before you jump to conclusions, this is not a post about feminism and what a raw deal women still get after all this time (although, on many fronts, I believe this is the case).

This isn’t a post about how my daughter needs to protect herself from men, although it’s highly likely that if she is a victim of a violent crime at some point in her life it will be at the hands of a man. The same would be true if she were a boy.

This is a post about the recent advice my husband and I gave her about how to protect herself from a very specific kind of harm.

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The COMIC BOOX BOX…Coming to the Rescue of Comics Everywhere!


It’s time to reveal the reason for my recent little hiatuses (here and here) and all my Vaguebooking on Facebook (I know, really annoying). My husband and I are introducing our “baby” to the world: the COMIC BOOX BOX.

Last Saturday we took our little darling on her first outing to Capes Kafé for a comic-themed event called Capes Crafts & Cosplay, put on by Market Day Iowa.

She was very well-received, and we were so proud!


Our little half-pint, literally. She’s half the size she’ll be when she’s all grown up.

We’ll be launching our Kickstarter campaign in early 2015 so we can make thousands more of our little offspring. For those of you who don’t know, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where creators and backers come together to bring all sorts of wonderful little babies into the world. Check out their “Seven things to know about Kickstarter” page for an excellent tutorial.

We’d be honored if you’d take a look at our baby’s birth announcement on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages. And to stay on top of all the latest COMIC BOOX BOX news, be sure to subscribe to our email list—we’ll be sending messages to subscribers as we ramp up to the launch of our Kickstarter campaign and of course when it’s live.

The utility belt is to Batman what the COMIC BOOX BOX is to comics…the ultimate storage solution.

Thanks for your support!