Little Hiatus, Part Deux

My brain on excitement. Photo Credit: skippyjon via Compfight cc

Little Hiatus. Isn’t she cute? Photo Credit: skippyjon via Compfight cc

Well, it’s time for another little hiatus on the blog. Lots more dedicated working-time on that super-secret project with my husband I annoyingly hinted at a few weeks ago—with a trip to the movies to see Lucy and Guardians of the Galaxy squeezed in between. Too much work and no fun makes Kelly a cranky bitch.

To keep you entertained, fascinated and really glad you won’t meet this dude in a dark alley, I give you EXTINCT MEGA PENGUIN! In honor of my daughter—science and penguin fan extraordinaire.

Take care!

The Girl Who Almost Wasn’t

My daughter will be crossing into that dreaded realm of teenagehood in less than a month. Like every parent, I’m dumbfounded at how fast these years have gone, hope that I’ve done everything I can to prepare her for these difficult years ahead, and wonder how long it will be before I consider eating my young.

If it’s good enough for burying beetles (which eat their own young to insure the “right ratio of mouths to food supply”), then it might just be good enough for me.

But seriously, it’s moments like earlier this week when my Sweetpea smooched my cheek on her way through the living room, unsolicited I might add, or when she still lets me tuck her into bed with Teddy and Smith, that I catch my breath with the wonder that she’s here at all.

And with good reason.


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UPDATE: To Friend or Not To Friend

Don’t you hate it when you get sucked into a juicy story and for whatever reason you don’t get to finish it? It might be a movie, an “accidental” eavesdropped conversation or an article in your dentist’s waiting room. You’re left thinking, I wonder what happened?

Well, never fear. I won’t do that to you. This post is an update to one I wrote a few posts ago about the “problematic” Facebook friend request I received.

I asked for advice on how to handle it and got one of three responses from everyone who commented:

  1. Don’t accept it; you don’t need that kind of friend.
  2. Accept it, but keep your guard up and un-friend if necessary.
  3. Do what you want, but know that the person probably has a different memory of that time.

And the winner was…none of the above. At least initially.

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“The View From Here” Guest Post: On the Brinks

water glass

Photo Credit: -Dreamflow- via Compfight cc

Today I’m guest posting over at Jennifer Hall’s blog Dancing in the Rain, for her The View From Here Guest Series.  I’m so grateful to Jennifer for this opportunity to join the ranks of some fabulous writers/bloggers. Jennifer’s series is in the spirit of the Charles de Lint quote she displays on her page:

Don’t forget—no one else sees the world you do, so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell.

The story I tell is about the stuff that’s in our Brinks lockbox, the loss of my grandmother and how a life change made me realize the importance of not letting those people important to me “slip through my fingers like water poured from a cold glass on a nightstand.” 

Jennifer’s series is coming up on its first anniversary in a couple of months, and I for one hope she continues it beyond then. Even if she doesn’t, Jennifer’s work is worth a read (or three or twenty or a hundred) itself…don’t miss it!

Please take a read through my post, and pop back on over here and let me hear from you.

What or who have you let slip through your fingers and what, if anything, have you done about it? Have you experienced any major life realizations or shifts, and how did you react—did you fight the new knowledge or did you embrace it? What “ridiculous, useless crap” do you keep?

Hiding Behind Malaysia Flight 17


Photo Credit: Victoria Nevland via Compfight cc

This week I’d planned to do a follow-up to a recent post about my Facebook friend request conundrum. And as is so often the case in life, things happen. The follow-up post will have to wait until next week.

This thing that’s caused me to switch blogging gears started out as a twisted idea for a tweet. And if you haven’t seen the season finale of “24: Live Another Day,” here comes a…


News of the downed Malaysia Flight 17 broke a few days after the season finale of “24: Live Another Day.” The final scene of that episode showed the main character, Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland), flying off in a helicopter to the waiting arms of Mother Russia, who was about to go all revenge-crazy on his “terrorist” ass.

I won’t even say what my tweet idea was. I’m sure some douchebag already made the same connection and tweeted my thoughts. The good news is at least my filter is still intact, even if it took my husband’s foresight to kick it into gear with “Bad idea, honey.”

So, I’ve spent the last few days watching the nearly 24-hour coverage like a lot of other people. But instead of waiting for information about who did it, what “it” really was and what we’re going to do about it (because of course we always have to do something), I waited for something else.

I waited to see which U.S. media outlet would talk about our own “tragic and regrettable accident” (as it was referred to in a report from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) back on July 3, 1988. That was the day the USS Vincennes shot down Iranian Airbus Flight 655 while it was on its way to Dubai, flying in its own airspace, over its own territorial waters in the Persian Gulf, on its usual flight path.

I’m still waiting.

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