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Who Knew? I’m A Teacher!

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve been freaked out. I’m not freaked out now about the same kind of stuff I was when I started, but because I haven’t felt equipped to explain in a crisp elevator speech what my blog is about.

Every time I’ve tried, I’ve felt like the damn elevator cable broke and I was plummeting fifty stories, turning my undies fifty shades of brown.

Everything I’ve read online about blogging screams “specialize,” “find your niche,” “don’t be a generalist,” “home in, home in!”

Here’s the problem with that: I’m a writer, but my blog is not about giving writerly advice. So what do I write about then?

Well, for starters and like all good writers, or at least writers who want people to read what they’ve written, I need to keep in mind the importance of developing my “platform.”

Does anyone else read that word and think of diving headfirst into a teacup?

Photo Credit: dliban via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: dliban via Compfight cc

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