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How A Word-Lover Transformed Into a Math-Fan

This probably goes without saying because I’m a writer and all, but I hate math.

I remember taking, or attempting to take, one particular algebra test in high school: My brain seized up like melted chocolate when water hits it.

The same thing happened when my daughter asked me for help with her math homework during her first year of middle school. I looked at the problems and read the instructions.

Then my brain went to its happy place while the rest of me sat spacing off at her math book.

Yeah, I said middle school. Stop your laughing.

Crystal Ponit recently published a post on her blog Dirty Lil’ where she talked about finally glimpsing the light at the end of her parenting tunnel only to see it snuffed out by new babies later in her life. Her refrain:

“I’ll never have an empty nest.”

Her post, or rather the reality of her situation, scared the shit out of me.

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Throwback Thursdays: More than a dress

The dress, me and my little bro

The dress, me and my little bro

When I look at the professional picture of my three-year-old self, my right hand clinging to my younger brother’s shoulder, I think of two things: how I didn’t know at the time the picture was taken that in a few months divorce would split my family and how much I loved that dress. I remember scraggly bits and pieces about my parents’ divorce but I would remember every detail about that dress even if I didn’t have a single picture of it. Keep reading for more awesomeness…