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Free-Trial Movie Channels: Or Something Else?

This past weekend our satellite company offered a free trial of BigTimeMovieChannel. These free trials are like ice cream to me—a treat and something I don’t get nearly as often as I’d like, especially in theaters (have you seen how much ice cream costs in theaters—ridiculous!).

But there’s also something about these “free” trials that disturbs me.

Over the course of the trial, they trot out the best they have to offer—the most recent blockbusters, the award winners and some of your old favorites.

Have you noticed that these free trials are almost always over a weekend? Back-to-back hours of nothing but time to watch the dangling carrot, giving you the impression that it will always be like that.

“Only the best for you.”

Very clever. Keep reading for more awesomeness…

I’m A Fraud…And Grateful

Yeah, you read that right. I’m a fraud. A fake. A poseur. It’s hard for me to admit, but like I say on my JUST WHO IS THIS KELLY WOMAN? page, I reserve the right to modify it as soon as I figure out who I really am. And friends, today is a dark, dark day in the realm of self-awareness.

So, here it goes.

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day was January 27th this year, and I missed it. Major fail for the woman who counts bubble wrap as the best mindless stress reliever ever (and an unintentional rescued wire fox terrier torture tool. Sorry Maisy! Mommy loves you, really).

Are you kidding me? Enough with the bubble wrap already.

Are you kidding me? Enough with the bubble wrap already.

When I learned I’d missed my best bubble buddy’s big day, I hopped on over to Wikipedia to see who or what else I may be ignoring. You know how many other unofficial observance days there are each year? A LOT. And this list doesn’t include all of them—they dissed my bubble wrap so now I call into question its validity (the list, not the bubble wrap). Keep reading for more awesomeness…