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Happy “Right Now”


I love a good “what an awesome 2014 and can’t wait for 2015” post like everyone else. There’s something about humans collectively stopping to mentally review the past year and project their “coming attractions,” the best bits of how we all hope the next twelve months will play out. There are very few times when we can feel this kind of connected moment among the billions of people on our Earth.

Some of us have clever and magical ways to capture and/or reflect on the significant points of the year:

But here’s what I’m proposing: How about instead of trying to stuff in a year’s worth of moments into one night, no matter how ceremonious and celebratory, we spend a couple of seconds reveling in each significant or simple moment…as it’s happening?

How about if we take a few minutes at the end of each day, maybe just before we drift off to sleep, and instead of running through the lists of everything we have to do the next day, we acknowledge the beauty of what we experienced within the past hours of our waking lives?

How about if we force ourselves to find a single shiny needle of gratitude in the shit-coated haystack of our day?

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I’m Listening…Not!

Photo Credit: leontine via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: leontine via Compfight cc

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

That phrase comes out of my mouth as often as I’d like to stuff Ben & Jerry’s into it, which is multiple times per day.

I am a horrible listener. That’s supposed to be a guy thing, right? Well, somehow I got the male auditory chromosome.

Here’s a typical conversation between my husband and me:

Me: “What time’s your doctor appointment?”
Husband: “1:45.”

Me (15 minutes later): “What time’s your doctor’s appointment?”
Husband: *glares at me while poking his tongue out the side of his slightly opened mouth*

I know the key to being a good listener is attentiveness. I seem to have no problem paying attention to the words that come out of my mouth—I hear myself asking the questions just fine.

But something happens from the time I stop speaking and the other person starts. It’s like a door or flap to my ears snaps shut, like the blue velvet box Richard Gere holds out to Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman.”

So what the hell’s going on?

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