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Over Coffee

Photo Credit: marfis75 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: marfis75 via Compfight cc

Damn, it’s been a long time since we chatted. That’s mostly my fault. I kind of abandoned you, and I feel bad about that. Especially because of the reason—the dreaded ‘B’ word.


Yup, I’ve been busy. Too busy to write or catch up over a cup of coffee or even think about anything but the Kickstarter for my husband’s and my comic book storage solution, the Comic Boox Box. I talked about it here. Every moment I wasn’t working my day job I was project managing the shit out of our Kickstarter campaign. And about two weeks before we were supposed to launch, we got some devastating news that made us hit the brakes with a squeal, leaving skid marks like those at the Indy 500—or my father-in-law’s underpanties on almost any given day.

And then I plummeted into this weird no-man’s land of, “What the hell do I do now?” You know, kind of like what happens to Bridezillas once their weddings are over and they have to actually do the marriage thing.

I felt like I was in the middle of one of my favorite movies, “Sliding Doors.” I was experiencing a bunch of those seemingly inconsequential moments that push you over the threshold into your alternate realities.

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