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Old Broad Blogging

I turned forty-five this year. I had to look for a minute to see if I’m the one writing this post or if my third-grade teacher is hanging over my shoulder with her fingers on the keyboard.

I can’t believe I’m that age. I remember twenty years ago thinking people my age were old.

Really old.

Now that I’m here though, I don’t feel that way. However, I found out recently that twenty-somethings still feel the same way about people my age as I did twenty years ago.

My husband and I went to Mumford & Sons’ final U.S. tour stop in Bonner Springs, Kansas, this past September. We’d been fans for a long time, so we queued up at the gates early. We did so because, a) although it had been a while (ahem, years) since we’d been to a general admission concert, we remembered that only the early birds get the “close to the stage” worms, and b) we had nothing better to do than stand for five-plus hours.

But it was so worth it. The early birds got the worm, baby—ten people back from center stage!


Other than one pee break for me between opening acts, we didn’t move from our spot. Keep reading for more awesomeness…