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Flashback: What A Difference A Year Makes

It’s been a year now since my husband lost his corporate web developer job. It also marks the year anniversary of a cluster-f#ck of scenarios that could have ended horribly and illustrates the human drive of self-preservation.

Or what I like to call “Get the hell out of dodge.”

In the grand scheme of life-altering events, this was good—my husband’s job had sucked the soul out of his artist’s body over the 11 years he’d worked in the corporate world, trouncing him mentally and physically. I talked about it here. So when the pink slip came (not really pink at all), we were relieved.

That is after we got over the initial shock of turning into an American statistic.


We had over-extended ourselves, not unlike nearly everyone we knew. A year ago, we had a house we wouldn’t be able to afford once my husband’s “go away, we don’t need you any more” money ran out. We had school tuition for our daughter, an anniversary vacation scheduled, and my husband had a niche publishing conference in England in the fall that could help further propel his illustration business.

We had just put our house on the market so we wouldn’t turn into another American statistic and put down a hefty deposit on an apartment we’d lose if we didn’t sell our house in time.

In short, we had dug ourselves a hole to China.

Since there wasn’t a ladder with enough rungs to bring us back to the surface, we decided we might as well do the next best thing.

Run away. Keep reading for more awesomeness…