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How Many Times Does It Take To Get It Right?

When I was writing my last post, I saw an interesting little tracking tool in my WordPress navigation bar: “Revisions.” A week or two before, I’d commented on another blogger’s post that I, like her, was a first-draft gal—I wrote the first thing that came to mind and pretty much left it at that. I might tweak it slightly, to correct little misspellings, etc. But that was it.

Interesting how perception and reality don’t live in the same universe.

Because I love facts, I checked the revision counts for all my posts. This is only my 13th, so it didn’t take that long. On average I revise these conglomerations of words 41 times.

The fewest number of revisions came in at 13, with the most at 84.

That seems a little nuts to me. How about you?

Can you tell which is version 19 and which is version 55? Yeah, me neither.

Can you tell which is version 19 and which is version 55? Yeah, me neither.

My husband (who is an artist/illustrator) and I have had many conversations about our paralyzing inability to let our pieces go. We have the worst time calling things “finished.”

In my defense, I used to work as a copy editor so the need to tweak is part of me now and not something I can just toss aside.

Also in my defense, I’ve been the victim of NSS (not saving syndrome) and have lost some important words. So I probably over save. Never mind that WordPress has built-in autosave. Still doesn’t feel like enough for me (even though it’s every two minutes). Keep reading for more awesomeness…