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Run From The Gun

Photo Credit: Dunechaser via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Dunechaser via Compfight cc

When we had our daughter thirteen years ago, the topmost worry on our minds was how to get through the day without collapsing from exhaustion. After that, it was teaching her to do her business in the toilet and to walk across the room without falling down.

The “teaching” moments we have with her now, thirteen years later, are oddly still about the proper ways to act as an adult and how to stay safe.

Before you jump to conclusions, this is not a post about feminism and what a raw deal women still get after all this time (although, on many fronts, I believe this is the case).

This isn’t a post about how my daughter needs to protect herself from men, although it’s highly likely that if she is a victim of a violent crime at some point in her life it will be at the hands of a man. The same would be true if she were a boy.

This is a post about the recent advice my husband and I gave her about how to protect herself from a very specific kind of harm.

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