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Thirteen Tidbits I Learned About TYOGs

My TYOG (with the daisies on her tookus) and her best TYOG friends

My TYOG (with the daisies on her tookus) and her best TYOG friends

After last week’s bleak post on suicide I felt I needed to lighten it up a bit. Nothing will inspire levity like spending four hours with a giggling gaggle of thirteen-year-old girls (TYOGs).

We had our daughter’s thirteenth birthday party this past weekend. What started off as one of the pissiest moments of my week (don’t even get me started on the reservation bungle for our apartment complex’s clubhouse) turned into a multi-hour research project for my two YA works-in-progress. Here are thirteen tidbits I learned about TYOGs.

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Over Coffee

Photo Credit: marfis75 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: marfis75 via Compfight cc

This week I’m going to start a new featured blog post called “Over Coffee.” I came across this format on a couple other bloggers’ sites. And as hard as this may be to believe, I didn’t add their pages to my Safari reading list or bookmarks. If you read my post last week you understand the significance of that little oversight…maybe there’s hope for me yet. Unfortunately that means I can’t give those bloggers their due credit. Just know I’m not claiming any originality for this one.

I plan to share this kind of post periodically, mostly on those weeks when I’m:

  1. Not jazzed about writing anything in particular
  2. Struggling for just the right thing to write about
  3. Procrastinating writing the post I really want to write but am too chicken

This week’s “Over Coffee” is brought to you by number three. More on that below.

Think of these posts as a casual conversation, one you and I would have over coffee. You know, just shooting the shit about our lives and what’s been going on.

I’m personally drawn to this type of post because it feels incredibly intimate to me. I’d never visited the other bloggers’ sites before, but after reading just one post I felt like I knew them. Hopefully, you’ll get the same sense from me.

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The Girl Who Almost Wasn’t

My daughter will be crossing into that dreaded realm of teenagehood in less than a month. Like every parent, I’m dumbfounded at how fast these years have gone, hope that I’ve done everything I can to prepare her for these difficult years ahead, and wonder how long it will be before I consider eating my young.

If it’s good enough for burying beetles (which eat their own young to insure the “right ratio of mouths to food supply”), then it might just be good enough for me.

But seriously, it’s moments like earlier this week when my Sweetpea smooched my cheek on her way through the living room, unsolicited I might add, or when she still lets me tuck her into bed with Teddy and Smith, that I catch my breath with the wonder that she’s here at all.

And with good reason.


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Secrets Of A Teenage Mall Rat

I looked back over the oodles of posts I’ve published and realized I need to lighten it up a bit. If not for you, dear readers, then for me. On that note…

I’m from a smallish city in Eastern Iowa that to this day only has two malls (I know, the horror), one of which was less than a mile from the house I lived in for almost twenty years. Westdale Mall was built in 1979 when I was ten, and from the first day it opened, you couldn’t get me to leave.

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