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How to sharpen the saw blade?

Table saw is one of the bulkiest and expensive products in your woodworking tools. Moreover, other parts of the table saw are also extremely costly if broken, you also have a headache when you have to spend a large amount of money to repair. 

Fortunately, if you have a case when your saw blade naturally loses the sharpness and quickness that makes it difficult to operate your wood cutting. Don’t quickly throw it out and replace it with an expensive new one. Your saw blade is only worn slightly. You can sharpen it at home and use it as usual. You are curious how to grind it, right? Do not waste your time anymore. Read and find out now.

What material is the saw blade made of?

Saw Blade
Saw Blade

Currently, most of the table saws like the best portable table saw have blades are made of two common materials: stainless steel and carbide. You have to find out what the material of your saw blade is. Because not all materials can be sharpened.

Stainless steel: This material is extremely cheap from only 20 USD. It is equipped in some types of cheap and not famous brand saws. In fact, with this type, I find that you can buy another one without sharpening it.

Carbide: different from stainless steel. This type is relatively more expensive from 40 USD to 60 USD. And you can see in most famous brands

Add: If you see any type of saw blade made of steel, but its teeth are made of carbide. This is the type that can be used for the longest time and its teeth are extremely sharp.

How to sharpen the saw blade?

Step One: Prepare the blade

First, use a brush or towel to scrub all the stains or debris off the wood that remains on the saw blade. You have to be careful not to miss the corner of the teeth. You can soak it into a special detergent to effectively clean it.

Step two: Remove the  blade from its position

After you have washed, you must leave the saw blade away from its position. This action is extremely easy and gentle. You also need to be sure to wear protective gear like a hand to prevent it from being scratched or injured when moving it out.

Step three: Sharpen the saw blade

This step is the central step of the whole process. Use a sharpener specifically for saw blades. You can buy it at any store that sells table saws or hand saw. As the second step, you still have to wear protective gear. Gloves that help you during grinding can blame if the blade is sharp again. And glass will help you avoid metal fragments when you accidentally hit the eye. If shooting in your eyes is extremely dangerous. Next, During the sawing process you should not rush, but be careful from a bit and follow the rule. First, you have to sharpen the front of the blade, one tooth at a time until you find it sharp enough to your liking, then switch to the back of the blade to sharpen it.

Step four: Lubricate and attach more to the saw blade

After sharpening, it can be used for a long time without sharpening again. You cannot skip this step, which is lubricating the oil for the blade. Use a brush then dip it into the oil you have prepared. Thoroughly spread all edges of the saw blade to achieve high efficiency. After the oil is applied to the blade, you need to let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes.

Add: As with hand saws, if you feel it cuts more slowly than usual, you can also lubricate it.

Step five: assemble the saw blade again

Now, you just need to reset the position you just took out. Remember to put it carefully and make sure it is not skewed, which is dangerous for the next saw.

Step six: Run test

Now check the sharpness of the saw blade. Try by a small piece of wood and put it through the saw that you just sharpened. If you see the wood going fast and smooth, your saw blade is already sharp enough. On the contrary, you find it still slow and not sharp enough, Let’s sharpen it again through the steps above.

In conclusion

I have finished expressing about how to sharpen saw blades for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy new saw blades. Hopefully, this article will save you some money to buy one more needed. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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Types of wood chisels

Wood chisels are an indispensable tool for carpenters. They help carpenters can carve many shapes on hard materials like wood. And help wooden furniture become more beautiful and attractive. In particular, show the aesthetic eye of the host.

Because of these benefits, the market has a variety of different wood chisels and different functions. Therefore, customers are confused when choosing suitable wood chisels. Understanding that, I will show you some types of wood chisels that are commonly used today through this article. Let’s explore them now

 Bench chisels

The first chisels I would recommend for you to buy is bench chisels.  This type of wood chisel is often used by most carpenters. Because of its versatility, it can be used in many different tasks. Moreover, they’re called bench chisels because they’re usually on your carpentry table. And used for chopping and paring wood. These chiels may have beveled edges or flat, normal edges. The “bevel-edge” means that the sides move up at an angle to allow the chisel to suit more easily into the junction.

You can buy 5 to 10 wood chisels of this type with many sizes you want. This type of wood chisel has a high price. But of course, its quality is worth the money you spend. Therefore, depending on your ability, try buying it

Mortise chisels

Next, I will introduce you to the mortise chisels. A special feature of this type of wood chisel is relatively heavy and thick. The handle of this type of wood chisel has an oval shape and is made of oak. Help users easily manipulate and use.

This wooden chisel is used with percussion tools to create smoothness and remove excess wood from the wood surface easily. If you want to buy this type, try buying 1/4 ″ or 3/8 ″. Because they are the two sizes that are used popular of this type. Do not worry about the price, this type of wood chisel is extremely affordable. Suitable for most people who want to use.

Sash mortise chisels

Sash mortise chisels is a version of Mortise chisels but lighter. Help you manipulate and use them in a comfortable, flexible way, in addition, it is designed to cut relatively shallow wood. And, these wood chisels will also work well even for deep mortises. Used by carpenters a lot in making windows

Paring chisels

The paring chisel is a long thin blade, usually beveled on the side, this wood chisel is used to smooth the wood surface well and use when finishing work.

Thin wood chisel characteristics help users to flexibly use when cutting angles. And its length helps users to control the most accurate. Help you not get the error when working. And cutting edges are sharpened to a low 15-degree angle to provide the smoothest cut. In addition, this type of wood chisel has a special handle and does not need to use mallet when operating. It is very much loved by carpenters because of its flexibility and ideal length.

Corner chisels

This type of wood chisel is extremely difficult to use and is not suitable for beginners. If you have long experience in using wood chisels, you can use them easily. You also need to know about this type of wood chisel. If you have thought according to long-term carpentry.

This type of wood chisel is often used in the making of wooden cabinets. Corner chisels are used to clean deep corners of the mortise or other grooves. And Each side of the wood chisel is sharpened separately by oilstone

Note: You should also pay attention to some things when buying as follows. Pay attention to the material, the size of the chisel blade and the handle. Are they comfortable when you use them?

The next important thing is the price of chisel wood, of course, genuine wood chisels are quite high but very durable, and when you use it will be better than others. Therefore, depending on your needs, choose a suitable wood chisel

In conclusion

I have tried to show you some types of wood chisels that are used by most carpenters or people who like to do carpentry today. Besides the types I mentioned above, there are many other types of specialized wood chisels such as dovetail chisel, fishtail chisel, slick chisel, swans neck chisel, tang chisel, etc.  If you want to buy yourself a set of wood chisels that suit your needs. Read this article. Hope it will help you

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Digital Caliper Parameter


In the woodworking industry, every tool has its position in term of function and usefulness. As a result, the digital caliper has also found its stand on the leaderboard of the useful tool of the carpenters all around the world as the inevitability. For those reasons, this article will be spent to dig into the great benefits it brings to us.


For the information about this tool, I can list some:

– Resolution: 0.005” (Usually at this point or around this point).

– Has a large and comfortable to read display. In addition, the LCD readout screen is incredible, and it is also a revolution in the woodworking industry for the measurement process.

– Fraction/inch/millimeter conversion => This is a particular and needed function of the digital caliper because it enhances the reading ability of the human eye to the length of the object.

– Measure range from zero to 6 inches. There is no doubt that the scale here is the standard of world measurement.

– Usually has a large LCD for better visibility. The improvement in the resolution combined with the quality of the screen can bring many benefits to the users in use of the environment such as dark place, outside the sun or just a small room lack of light.

– Accuracy is 0.001″. The perfection of the digital caliper nowadays is outside of the box, and this is a necessity of the carpenters when it comes to the practical works or the big projects which need some kind of supporting in the size of the logs, the detail must be at the top of the criteria.

– Repeatability is 0.0005”.  There is no doubt that this is the requirement that needs to be done by the factory to produce the digital caliper in term of quality, the use and the comprehension of the product.

Discussion of Findings

The abilities of the digital caliper are undeniable and useful up to this time. However, there needs some kind of improvement that is the guidance of the tool that is too hard to be understood by the newbie, leading to the misunderstanding among the final result of the procedure, can cause to some break in the infrastructure of the whole product at the end of the day. On the other hand, the current feature of this kind of product is luxurious enough to some people. For instance, the ip54 digital caliper has the big LCD screen while resistant to splashes, dust, and oil and it can display measurements up to 1/128 inches in four digits decimal and fractional display in SAE mode. If you plan on working on DIY projects, then this isn’t the one for you because it can be a little complicated to use. It is best used by professionals. It is a durable caliper because they made it from stainless steel that is hardened, and it also offers a precision lapping finish.


The main feature of this kind of tool is just amazing based on the comments of the users all around the world as well as the professors’ opinions. For those reasons, the digital caliper should be targeted as a reliable tool for the carpenters at the very beginning of their career.

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Paint sprayer and its advantages

Paint sprayer or paint spray gun is a device that helps you finish your house painting, wall painting, decorative painting … faster. Save your paint time even if you’re not good at painting. When using paint spray guns, You do not worry about uneven paint colors. Moreover, the Spraying Machine also plays an important role in the construction field, it helps to replace human labor and bring work efficiency many times higher than traditional painting.

The high demand and continuous improvement of the manufacturers help the market of paint spraying machines become more and more diversified and modern. But in fact, there are many people or families who do not know much about the advantages or types of paint machines today. Therefore, in today’s article, we will answer these questions for you. Let’s explore it.

Advantages of paint spraying machine

Firstly, save maximum time and effort: Previously, the work of painting using human power was mainly, it took a lot of time but the work efficiency was not high, Therefore, the paint spraying machine was born to overcome all these drawbacks. Since the machine operates on an automatic mechanism, it is only necessary to pull the trigger and the paint will flow continuously and smoothly on the materials such as walls, fine art furniture, … easily. According to research, a paint sprayer can work equals 10 employees when they work hard. So that you do not need to “pay” too much time, and effort to scan the paint manually anymore, the utility of paint spray gun will help you solve all that.  In addition, when investing in paint spray guns, you will save significantly more than the cost of hiring workers.

Secondly, the painted surface becomes smooth, beautiful, quality: When we paint traditional crafts, the paint surface will not be really smooth, smooth, the quality of the painting will depend on the skill of workers. With an industrial paint sprayer, it will create an even, smooth, perfect spray surface.

Thirdly, More safe and convenient: Paint by hand will be more difficult when working in the high places like dozens of buildings. Because you will have to bring lots of tools like paint buckets and other necessary tools on scaffolding, not to mention that will jeopardize the safety of workers. When using the spraying machine, you will not have to bring any other tools, just make sure the power cord of the long machine is able to work quickly and utility on a large scale.

Fourthly, it helps to save fuel: Paint sprayers can save 15-20% of paint. The paint sprayer will give less dust to the paint, the paint will stick to the product surface in a maximum way, helping to save fuel costs.

The final advantage, Rich and varied models: On the market today there are many types of paint sprayers to choose, with many different designs, origins, and prices. For portable paint sprayers, the price is very affordable, it usually falls in the range of 40USD to 130USD (Depending on the quality, the model you want). As for industrial paint sprayers, there are many price choices, from several 1200USD to more than 13000USD. Depending on the construction and the need to use to choose a more suitable product.

Some notes when using:

  • If using a paint sprayer for a while, you need to check the oil for the machine to ensure its use and avoid reducing the life of the machine. Because if you don’t add more oil, the machine will be more likely to operate poorly, with low performance.
  • Carefully clean the machine after each use because the paint is extremely sticky and difficult to clean if left for long.
  •   The paint spraying machine should be shielded during use, which helps to avoid dirtying the machine and sticking paint if unfortunately spray paint is shot in many places. However, you also need to ensure the coolness when using the product because if it can get hot. It will affect usage performance.
  • The power source should be suitable to ensure the best quality of the painting process. Avoid using too high or low voltage power to avoid damaging the machine and affecting its use.

In conclusion: With such outstanding advantages, industrial paint sprayer deserves to be trusted for widespread use by many families. Please choose for yourself a paint sprayer. I am sure you will not regret buying and using it.

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