Digital Caliper Parameter


In the woodworking industry, every tool has its position in term of function and usefulness. As a result, the digital caliper has also found its stand on the leaderboard of the useful tool of the carpenters all around the world as the inevitability. For those reasons, this article will be spent to dig into the great benefits it brings to us.


For the information about this tool, I can list some:

– Resolution: 0.005” (Usually at this point or around this point).

– Has a large and comfortable to read display. In addition, the LCD readout screen is incredible, and it is also a revolution in the woodworking industry for the measurement process.

– Fraction/inch/millimeter conversion => This is a particular and needed function of the digital caliper because it enhances the reading ability of the human eye to the length of the object.

– Measure range from zero to 6 inches. There is no doubt that the scale here is the standard of world measurement.

– Usually has a large LCD for better visibility. The improvement in the resolution combined with the quality of the screen can bring many benefits to the users in use of the environment such as dark place, outside the sun or just a small room lack of light.

– Accuracy is 0.001″. The perfection of the digital caliper nowadays is outside of the box, and this is a necessity of the carpenters when it comes to the practical works or the big projects which need some kind of supporting in the size of the logs, the detail must be at the top of the criteria.

– Repeatability is 0.0005”.  There is no doubt that this is the requirement that needs to be done by the factory to produce the digital caliper in term of quality, the use and the comprehension of the product.

Discussion of Findings

The abilities of the digital caliper are undeniable and useful up to this time. However, there needs some kind of improvement that is the guidance of the tool that is too hard to be understood by the newbie, leading to the misunderstanding among the final result of the procedure, can cause to some break in the infrastructure of the whole product at the end of the day. On the other hand, the current feature of this kind of product is luxurious enough to some people. For instance, the ip54 digital caliper has the big LCD screen while resistant to splashes, dust, and oil and it can display measurements up to 1/128 inches in four digits decimal and fractional display in SAE mode. If you plan on working on DIY projects, then this isn’t the one for you because it can be a little complicated to use. It is best used by professionals. It is a durable caliper because they made it from stainless steel that is hardened, and it also offers a precision lapping finish.


The main feature of this kind of tool is just amazing based on the comments of the users all around the world as well as the professors’ opinions. For those reasons, the digital caliper should be targeted as a reliable tool for the carpenters at the very beginning of their career.

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