“The View From Here” Guest Post: On the Brinks

Today I’m guest posting over at Jennifer Hall’s blog Dancing in the Rain, for her The View From Here Guest Series.  I’m so grateful to Jennifer for this opportunity to join the ranks of some fabulous writers/bloggers. Jennifer’s series is in the spirit of the Charles de Lint quote she displays on her page:

Don’t forget—no one else sees the world you do, so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell.

The story I tell is about the stuff that’s in our Brinks lockbox, the loss of my grandmother and how a life change made me realize the importance of not letting those people important to me “slip through my fingers like water poured from a cold glass on a nightstand.” 

Jennifer’s series is coming up on its first anniversary in a couple of months, and I for one hope she continues it beyond then. Even if she doesn’t, Jennifer’s work is worth a read (or three or twenty or a hundred) itself…don’t miss it!

Please take a read through my post, and pop back on over here and let me hear from you.

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