Paint sprayer and its advantages

Paint sprayer or paint spray gun is a device that helps you finish your house painting, wall painting, decorative painting … faster. Save your paint time even if you’re not good at painting. When using paint spray guns, You do not worry about uneven paint colors. Moreover, the Spraying Machine also plays an important role in the construction field, it helps to replace human labor and bring work efficiency many times higher than traditional painting.

The high demand and continuous improvement of the manufacturers help the market of paint spraying machines become more and more diversified and modern. But in fact, there are many people or families who do not know much about the advantages or types of paint machines today. Therefore, in today’s article, we will answer these questions for you. Let’s explore it.

Advantages of paint spraying machine

Firstly, save maximum time and effort: Previously, the work of painting using human power was mainly, it took a lot of time but the work efficiency was not high, Therefore, the paint spraying machine was born to overcome all these drawbacks. Since the machine operates on an automatic mechanism, it is only necessary to pull the trigger and the paint will flow continuously and smoothly on the materials such as walls, fine art furniture, … easily. According to research, a paint sprayer can work equals 10 employees when they work hard. So that you do not need to “pay” too much time, and effort to scan the paint manually anymore, the utility of paint spray gun will help you solve all that.  In addition, when investing in paint spray guns, you will save significantly more than the cost of hiring workers.

Secondly, the painted surface becomes smooth, beautiful, quality: When we paint traditional crafts, the paint surface will not be really smooth, smooth, the quality of the painting will depend on the skill of workers. With an industrial paint sprayer, it will create an even, smooth, perfect spray surface.

Thirdly, More safe and convenient: Paint by hand will be more difficult when working in the high places like dozens of buildings. Because you will have to bring lots of tools like paint buckets and other necessary tools on scaffolding, not to mention that will jeopardize the safety of workers. When using the spraying machine, you will not have to bring any other tools, just make sure the power cord of the long machine is able to work quickly and utility on a large scale.

Fourthly, it helps to save fuel: Paint sprayers can save 15-20% of paint. The paint sprayer will give less dust to the paint, the paint will stick to the product surface in a maximum way, helping to save fuel costs.

The final advantage, Rich and varied models: On the market today there are many types of paint sprayers to choose, with many different designs, origins, and prices. For portable paint sprayers, the price is very affordable, it usually falls in the range of 40USD to 130USD (Depending on the quality, the model you want). As for industrial paint sprayers, there are many price choices, from several 1200USD to more than 13000USD. Depending on the construction and the need to use to choose a more suitable product.

Some notes when using:

  • If using a paint sprayer for a while, you need to check the oil for the machine to ensure its use and avoid reducing the life of the machine. Because if you don’t add more oil, the machine will be more likely to operate poorly, with low performance.
  • Carefully clean the machine after each use because the paint is extremely sticky and difficult to clean if left for long.
  •   The paint spraying machine should be shielded during use, which helps to avoid dirtying the machine and sticking paint if unfortunately spray paint is shot in many places. However, you also need to ensure the coolness when using the product because if it can get hot. It will affect usage performance.
  • The power source should be suitable to ensure the best quality of the painting process. Avoid using too high or low voltage power to avoid damaging the machine and affecting its use.

In conclusion: With such outstanding advantages, industrial paint sprayer deserves to be trusted for widespread use by many families. Please choose for yourself a paint sprayer. I am sure you will not regret buying and using it.

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