Types of wood chisels

Wood chisels are an indispensable tool for carpenters. They help carpenters can carve many shapes on hard materials like wood. And help wooden furniture become more beautiful and attractive. In particular, show the aesthetic eye of the host.

Because of these benefits, the market has a variety of different wood chisels and different functions. Therefore, customers are confused when choosing suitable wood chisels. Understanding that, I will show you some types of wood chisels that are commonly used today through this article. Let’s explore them now

 Bench chisels

The first chisels I would recommend for you to buy is bench chisels.  This type of wood chisel is often used by most carpenters. Because of its versatility, it can be used in many different tasks. Moreover, they’re called bench chisels because they’re usually on your carpentry table. And used for chopping and paring wood. These chiels may have beveled edges or flat, normal edges. The “bevel-edge” means that the sides move up at an angle to allow the chisel to suit more easily into the junction.

You can buy 5 to 10 wood chisels of this type with many sizes you want. This type of wood chisel has a high price. But of course, its quality is worth the money you spend. Therefore, depending on your ability, try buying it

Mortise chisels

Next, I will introduce you to the mortise chisels. A special feature of this type of wood chisel is relatively heavy and thick. The handle of this type of wood chisel has an oval shape and is made of oak. Help users easily manipulate and use.

This wooden chisel is used with percussion tools to create smoothness and remove excess wood from the wood surface easily. If you want to buy this type, try buying 1/4 ″ or 3/8 ″. Because they are the two sizes that are used popular of this type. Do not worry about the price, this type of wood chisel is extremely affordable. Suitable for most people who want to use.

Sash mortise chisels

Sash mortise chisels is a version of Mortise chisels but lighter. Help you manipulate and use them in a comfortable, flexible way, in addition, it is designed to cut relatively shallow wood. And, these wood chisels will also work well even for deep mortises. Used by carpenters a lot in making windows

Paring chisels

The paring chisel is a long thin blade, usually beveled on the side, this wood chisel is used to smooth the wood surface well and use when finishing work.

Thin wood chisel characteristics help users to flexibly use when cutting angles. And its length helps users to control the most accurate. Help you not get the error when working. And cutting edges are sharpened to a low 15-degree angle to provide the smoothest cut. In addition, this type of wood chisel has a special handle and does not need to use mallet when operating. It is very much loved by carpenters because of its flexibility and ideal length.

Corner chisels

This type of wood chisel is extremely difficult to use and is not suitable for beginners. If you have long experience in using wood chisels, you can use them easily. You also need to know about this type of wood chisel. If you have thought according to long-term carpentry.

This type of wood chisel is often used in the making of wooden cabinets. Corner chisels are used to clean deep corners of the mortise or other grooves. And Each side of the wood chisel is sharpened separately by oilstone

Note: You should also pay attention to some things when buying as follows. Pay attention to the material, the size of the chisel blade and the handle. Are they comfortable when you use them?

The next important thing is the price of chisel wood, of course, genuine wood chisels are quite high but very durable, and when you use it will be better than others. Therefore, depending on your needs, choose a suitable wood chisel

In conclusion

I have tried to show you some types of wood chisels that are used by most carpenters or people who like to do carpentry today. Besides the types I mentioned above, there are many other types of specialized wood chisels such as dovetail chisel, fishtail chisel, slick chisel, swans neck chisel, tang chisel, etc.  If you want to buy yourself a set of wood chisels that suit your needs. Read this article. Hope it will help you

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